Light Mirror & Makeup Mirror App

Have you ever forgotten your makeup mirror at home and needed to check your appearance? Have you ever wanted to check your teeth, but there is no mirror by your hand? Then use this free mobile mirror with light. It is a pocket light mirror and makeup mirror. You can check your appearance anytime and anywhere.

Come and try this free mirror app. Just enjoy every makeup and shaving time.

“Beauty Mirror – Light Mirror & Makeup Mirror App” is a free and professional makeup mirror with light and phone mirror app which can be used to check your appearance and shaving. You can take it as a magnifying mirror which you can zoom in, zoom out to view details. It is also a light mirror, turn on the mirror light, even in a dim environment, you can check your face with this beauty mirror app easily.

Why do you need a mobile makeup mirror instead of a camera? Compared with cameras, beauty mirrors are more focused on makeup mirror scenes.
Easier to use than a camera, dedicated to mobile mirrors.
Full screen mirroring.
Makeup mirror which eliminates excessive auto-beautification of camera.
One-handed mirror light, one-hand mirror zoom control. Use it as a make-up mirror conveniently.
Beauty Mirror works perfectly in a dim environment. Provide natural mirror light instead of flash
Phone Mirror supports image freezing. Check the image easily.

Reasons for choosing this beauty mirror application.

❤️Easy to use and beauty makeup mirror app
“Beauty Mirror – Light Mirror & Makeup Mirror App“ as a phone makeup mirror app dedicated to providing professional and user-friendly beauty mirror experience. It supports full screen mirror view, one-handed brightness control, on-screen mirror zoom control. one-button mirror light on. Then, enjoy every single-handed makeup moment with this beauty mirror.
This is a well-designed vanity mirror application, providing stylish makeup mirror frames, and mirror lights. It makes you more beautiful in the beauty mirror.

👜 Pocket Mirror, open and use mirror anytime, anywhere
“Beauty Mirror – Light Mirror & Makeup Mirror App” is an android mirror application. Tap and install this makeup mirror app, Then never carry around a compact mirror again!

💡 Mirror with light, work perfect in dim
“Beauty Mirror – Light Mirror & Makeup Mirror App” has mirror light. Makeup vanity mirror with LED mirror lights are always popular. With this mobile beauty mirror, you can turn on the makeup mirror light through one-tap in the mirror app.
It is a light mirror, the makeup mirror has perfect effect even in a dim environment.
Change mirror lights’ shapes in settings of beauty mirror app.

🖼️ Mirror Frame
”Beauty Mirror – Light Mirror & Makeup Mirror App” provides a variety of mirror frames. You can choose the vanity mirror frame you like and start your phone mirror app journey.

🔍 Mirror Zoom, Brightness Control
On the main screen of the beauty mirror, there are drag bars for mirror brightness and zooming in and out. Zoom the mirror to suit you to set your lipstick and hairstyle on the makeup mirror.

❄️ Mirror Image Freeze
With the beauty mirror app, you can freeze the image and save it for future use.
Freeze your image on the makeup mirror app, then you can zoom the image to check details.

🏠 Suitable for different mirror scene
We aim to create the most free shaving mirror with light and useful mobile mirroring app. It meets the most compact mirror scenes requirements in life.
“Beauty Mirror – Light Mirror & Makeup Mirror App” as an android makeup mirror app can be used as a pocket mirror and compact mirror, to check your face more easily.
Use it as a shaving mirror, especially as a magnifying mirror with light. Never worry about not having a mirror anymore

In summary, “Beauty Mirror – Light Mirror & Makeup Mirror App” is really a good makeup mirror app, worthy of your installation and try.

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